Belkin Range Extender Setup

Belkin Range Extender Setup

Initial Preparations For Belkin Range Extender Setup

Below-listed are some requirements for Belkin range extender setup: 

  1. Unbox your extender and its additional antennas appropriately. Connect the antennas into their respective ports. 
  2. If you are setting up a Desktop Range Extender, you must have an Ethernet cable and a working ethernet port on your PC. 
  3. Your router must be already set up and connected to the power outlet. Also, you should know your Wifi name and password for establishing a network connection. If your router is of dual-band, you must have the Wireless SSID and Password of both the bands. 
  4. You must know the IP address of your range extender to reach the Belkin range extender web-based setup page. 
  5. In addition, you must have your Belkin Extender Login credentials for initiating its setup. If your extender is new and you have not changed its settings before, use the default credentials mentioned at the back of the extender. 
  6. To launch the Belkin router setup window, you must have a web browser that supports your system. In advance, delete the browsing history, cache files, and other site data from your browser to eliminate setup errors.

Explained and Complete Process For Belkin Range Extender Setup

Explained and Complete Process For Belkin Range Extender Setup

Here is the clear and concise procedure that will guide you step-by-step for setting up your router. So, follow every single step that is given below cautiously.

Method 1: By launching the Web-Based Extender Setup Page

  1. If you have a plug-in extender, connect it to the electrical outlet appropriately. But in case, you have a desktop range extender, acquire an ethernet cable and attach it to the ethernet port of your PC. 
  2. If you opt for wireless connection, look for the default extender name i.e Belkin.setup on the Wifi list of your PC. Once you select the Extender name, you will view a “Password” pop-up box. Input the default extender password and click “Connect”. 
  3. Continuing with this, you now have to visit the Belkin range extender setup page. For that, run a compatible and safe web browser and input “http://belkin.range” or “” in the address bar. By pressing the enter key, your desired web page will be launched within just a few seconds. 
  4. To move forward, tap on the mentioned “Get Started” tab. A new window comes up on your screen containing a list of Wifi network names that are available near to your device. From the list displayed, make a selection for the wireless network name that you would prefer to extend. 
  5. Now, give your wireless network password into its specified field. When the connection is developed among your Belkin Extender and Router, you will get to see the Extended Network Information page. 
  6. On the same page, you can change your Network Name and Password by pressing on the “Edit” tab. Upon making the changes, click on the “Create Extended Network” tab. This concludes the Belkin Range Extender Setup process.

Method 2: By Pressing the WPS Push Button

You can perform the Belkin Extender setup process by using the WPS push button if your extender is equipped with WPS technology. Also, your router must be enabled with a WPS push button. If you meet these requirements, follow the below-listed steps to form a stable connection between your router and extender. 

  1. Firstly, spot the WPS push-button on the top of your Belkin extender. Then, press the WPS button for about 2 seconds. 
  2. The WPS LED light will flicker signifying you that the network connection has been started. 
  3. Now, recognize the WPS push button on your router and press it for at least 2 seconds. 
  4. With this, your extender will automatically connect to your router within a few moments.

Method 3: Using your Router’s WPS PIN

There is one more way to execute the Belkin range extender setup i.e Router’s WPS PIN. Go through the below-mentioned steps one-by-one: 

  1. Run a reliable and secure web browser and input “” in the address bar. Press Enter and the main Extender Setup window will come into view. 
  2. Beneath the section of “Extended Network Settings”, select the “Wifi Protected Setup” option.
  3. With this, a new window will turn up on your screen. Insert your router PIN into its assigned field and click Enroll. Within 2 minutes, your extender will be linked to the router.