Belkin Router Setup

belkin router setup

Things required for belkin router setup

For the hassle-free and smooth router setup you must have to fulfill the following requirements. 

  • Ensure that your computer must have a newly launched web explorer.
  • You must have LAN/ Ethernet cable, Power Cable, Belkin Router and modem for the setup process. 
  • Complete the hardware setup of your Belkin router. You can do so by unboxing the router and take out all the packing material and tapes from it.
  • Make sure that your router, modem and your computing device must be installed within the same room to get the proper internet speed.

belkin router setup via web based setup page

belkin router setup via web based setup page
  • In the beginning, power on both your belkin router and modem just by inserting the power cable into the device and to the electric outlet.
  • Now, take the Ethernet(Network) cable and then attach your Belkin router login and modem. 
  • Point to remember: Ensure that you have inserted the ethernet cable properly into the correct ethernet port of both your router and modem. 
  • The next thing you have to do is to switch on your modem and your router. Along with this, make sure that the power LED light on the router starts blinking and showing green light. 
  • Following that, with the help of one more LAN Cable form the connection between your router and your computing device. 
  • Soon after this, look at the label provided at the back side of your router and from there write down the SSID i.e Network name and password required for the Belkin Router Setup.
  • Launch the latest and upgraded version of your web browser on your computing device. 
  • Next, use the web based setup page of Belkin Router by entering the web URL i.e Alternatively, you can also access the IP Address i.e to login to your belkin router.  
  • It will take you to a new window, look at the upper right corner and click the Login option. 
  • By doing so, the belkin router setup page comes into view. Here, you are required to mention the default username and password of your router within the assigned text fields. Then, opt for the Login button after mentioning the details carefully. 
  • Now, at the left hand side of the panel you will see the settings menu from where you can change the wireless network settings as per your preference. 
  • Thereafter, from the left hand panel, navigate for the Wireless settings option, select the Channel and SSID option. Here, you have to insert the SSID network name for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band routers and click Apply Changes. 
  • In the interim, select the Security option under the section of Wireless. You are required to input the password of your Belkin router for the dual band routers and then click Apply Changes. 
  • Afterwards, opt for the Connection Type option beneath the Internet WAN segment. From there, opt for your preferred internet connection as per your preference and tick mark the checkbox besides it and click Next. 
  • If you have opted for the Dynamic type network connection, enter the host name which is provided by your internet service provider to connect to your network. You can also change additional settings as per your preference. Once you have entered it carefully simply tap on the Apply Changes option. 
  • Hence, this completes the belkin router setup procedure successfully.

How can you resolve the issues faced while setting up a belkin router?

Sometimes the users might face problems while belkin router setup. So as to resolve this issue go through the following troubleshooting steps closely. 

  1. Just in case, you are unable to receive the strong and reliable internet connection, keep your router away from the obstacles and appliances. This is because it might create interference in receiving the proper network connection. 
  2. Check your Ethernet cables whether it is connected properly with your router as well as your computer. In case, you find some damage, fault or breakage in the ethernet cable then use another cable to get the proper internet connection. 
  3. If you are not able to access your web- based setup page, try to clear unwanted files and browsing history. This is so because sometimes the unwanted files and browsing history can prevent you from accessing the setup page. 
  4. Try entering the correct default username and password while logging to the router page for the belkin router setup. 
  5. Navigate and press the reset button for up to 15 seconds. You will trace the reset button on the back side of your Belkin router. This will help you to log in to belkin router directly and will set the router settings to default settings.