Belkin Setup

Belkin Setup

Learn how to Setup Your Belkin Router

Follow the detailed steps that are given below for setting up your Belkin router without any hassle

Step 1. Unbox and Power On Your Router

If you have purchased a new router, firstly unbox it by removing all the plastic material. Also, Belkin router comes with extra antennas that you need to attach to get a good quality Wifi speed. Now, connect the power cord to the correct port of your router and with the electrical outlet. Once it’s done, the blinking LED lights of your router will indicate that it is powered on.

Step 2: Link Your Belkin Router and PC Together

The primary step to initiate the Belkin Setup process is to link your router with the PC. Either, attach an Ethernet cable from your router to PC or build a wireless connection. For Wireless connection, locate your default Belkin wireless network name on your PC Wifi list and select it. Alongside this, mention your Belkin router password and click Connect.

Step 3: Input the Router’s Default Credentials

Access an internet browser and type in the address bar. The Belkin login window will turn up on your screen. Input “admin” in the lower-case letters into the Password field and click Submit. It is to be noted that some Belkin routers do not have any password, so in such cases, you have to leave the password field blank.

Step 4: Change the Wireless Network Name and Password

The main Router Setup window will be available on your screen. On the left side of the router setup window, you will see Individual sections by selecting which you can change your router settings. In the very first place, select the “Wireless” option and then set a Network Name and Password for your Belkin Wifi. When done, tap “Apply Changes”. This successfully completes the Belkin Setup process.

Other Methods To Setup Your Router and Manage Its Settings

Other Methods To Setup Your Router and Manage Its Settings

There are alternative methods by applying which you can easily configure your router settings. Have a look at the below-stated methods: 

  • If your service provider gives you a software CD, you can use it for setting up your router. Place the CD into the disc drive of your PC. A Setup dialog box will be presented on your screen. Click “Setup” and enter the default router login credentials into their allocated fields. Click Finish for completing the Belkin Setup process. The main router interface will be shown to you and now you can configure your router settings. 
  • If you intend to set up your Belkin router using a mobile, enable Belkin Wifi on your phone by launching “Settings”. You will automatically be redirected to the router web-based setup page. Tap “Detect my Connection”. When the router firmware gets updated, you will see the Belkin Setup window. Set a new name for your network and generate a difficult password. Once done, reconnect your mobile with the new wireless network name.


Q1. What are the additional Belkin router settings? 

Ans1. Once you have login into your router, you can change various settings on the basis of your preference. For example if your Belkin router has an “Access Control” feature, you can allow it to limit the access of your internet. You can create separate guest access to secure your home network and to prevent your confidential data. Furthermore, you can enable SSID Broadcast, change the Firewall Settings, and set the DHCP settings according to your choice. 

Q2. How to fix the Belkin Setup Issues? 

Ans2. Here are useful strategies by following which you can eradicate all the Belkin Setup issues. 

  1. If you are unable to reach the Belkin Setup page, check the IP address you are entering. If the IP address is correct, make sure that the Belkin Wifi is enabled on your PC. 
  2. Disable any firewall or antivirus program installed on your PC as it may block the access of the Belkin Router page. 
  3. Check the functionality of the web browser you are using for launching the setup page. Ensure that you have deleted all the unnecessary and unusable files from your internet browser. 
  4. Review the login credentials that you have mentioned. In case you are unable to recall the customized login details, factory reset your router. This can be easily done by pressing the Reset button for 15 seconds.