How to setup a Belkin Wifi Extender?

Belkin wifi extender

If your wifi router is not providing the speed according to your requirement, then the culprit can be anything from congested data lanes to physical interference. However, if your existing router does not provide the wifi range to your entire home or workplace, the Belkin wifi extender router is the right solution.

Belkin is a leading brand that offers various gadgets and computer accessories, which are quite famous amongst users. Moreover, this Wifi Extender is also one of the wonderful creations by Belkin. It is beneficial for offices, multi-floor buildings, and large industries to strengthen the Wifi Network signals. 

In the international computer market, Belkin is popularly known for its high quality and long-lasting gadgets and computer-related devices. Therefore, if you face dead points at your workplace or home, prefer using Belkin Extender. Furthermore, the setup procedure is effortless and straightforward.

So for all users, we have here discussed the Belkin Range Extender Setup procedure. Moreover, with this extender, the user will boost the signal strength and enjoy internet connectivity in a hassle-free manner.

Features of Belkin Router

Before we go ahead with the Belkin Wifi Extender setup procedure, let’s check out the features. So, for all users, we have mentioned the features of the Belkin Extender.

  • It ensures to deliver high-speed internet along with seamless wireless connectivity.
  • It enables the users to stream videos online, play games online, and perform other necessary tasks online. 
  • It increases the network coverage area throughout the home or workplace (if placed there)
  • The setup procedure is easy and simple

Thus there all were the outstanding features of the Extender. So, now without wasting much of your time, check out the setup procedure provided below.

Ways to Setup Belkin Wifi Extender

Below provided are the methods for the Belkin Wifi Extender. So, the users are suggested to select any of them to setup the Belkin Range Extender.

Setup Belkin Wifi Extender via Wireless Connection

  • Initially plugin the extender to the power outlet. 
  • Once the device gets turned “ON,” then find the SSID and the device’s password.
  • After this in the wifi network list, search for the “Belkin.range” while using the wireless device and then connect to the “Belkin.range” through the SSID and the password.
  • After the wireless connection is made correctly, open any of the suitable web browsers on the system and then type http://belkin.range in the search bar.
  • After reaching the official site, the users are suggested to change the network settings as per their requirements.

Setup Belkin Wifi Extender via Wired Connection

  • Firstly plug in the extender into the power board and then turn “ON” the Belkin Extender.
  • Now connect the extender to the system via ethernet cable.
  • Note: To accomplish the setup using a wired connection, turn off the wifi on the system.
  • Now launch any Web browser and then go to the http://belkin.range.
  • After this, follow the on-screen prompts provided to setup the Wifi connection.
  • Now successfully install the Belkin Range extender, turn “ON” the wifi.

By applying all these steps, it would become easy for all users to accomplish the Belkin Wifi Extender setup procedure. We hope that the setup procedure provided above was helpful for all users.

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